Diverse and natural are two best words describing riding area of Black Hole Enduro race. From metamorphic rock with pine forest’s roots and needles in Jamnica area on day 1, to Petzen – day 2, where limestone and dolomite are ground base for old spruce and larch forest(s) (trails).*

A special underground transfer using old mine tunnels through Peca Mountain sums up all this geological ground diversity. Black Hole Enduro trails are mostly flowy with enough technical sections where your riding skills, hard training and focus will be put to test.

To fully capture the regions richness in trails,  EWS spans to two countries in a single race event for the very first time. This cross border race starts in Petzen – Austria, before heading to Slovenias beautiful, hand cut singletrails of Jamnica, and closing the day at the heart of the events village/finish area with a long descend from Petzen.

Day two starts with a transfer towards Podpeca, once a wast area of underground mining between village Črna and town Mežica, where nowadays old miners trails are turned to mountainbike singletrails. Leftover from mining days are 1000 km of old mining tunnels, and a tiny percent of all this distance we will use for underground liaisons between stages to go through the mountain instead of climbing it.

A super long and fun stage again finished the day from Petzen mountain, down to where event/finish area is placed. On both race days, the 2 last stages will be uplifted with Petzen gondola lift to the very top of each (last) race stage, to gain extra 1100 h.m. for the final descend.