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Mountain biking is one of the most popular outdoor sports on the planet. It has many racing disciplines, but many believe that the most exciting one is enduro. It resembles the very origin of the sport of mountain biking, where you have to earn the descent, by pedaling through the transfers to get up to the start of the race stage. The transfers are only limited with climbing time, but the main focus is on the descends, where time is measured. Full race consists of several race stages, race winner is the one with the best overall time. Riders will cover large areas around Mount Petzen on both sides of the border. In line with modern times, we’ll also host EWS-E race for e-bike owners - they will race on their own stages, as exciting as it gets.


The Enduro World Series is the World cup of enduro, the highest level in the world of mountain bike enduro. Eight races in seven countries are on the calendar this year, from Great Britain, Italy, Canada, USA, Switzerland and France to Austria/Slovenia. 

The Enduro World Series heads to the region of south Carinthia for the second time. In 2022 there will be around 900 racers from all over the world at the EWS Petzen-Jamnica. In this professional category every rider has a team with manager, technicians, physiotherapist and fans. Overall there will be more than 9.000 bednights in the region only from racers and teams. 

Main race EWS for the profesionals was sold out in minutes, but there are still ways to join the party inside the tape. EWS-100 is a race that is open to almost everyone and takes place on the exact same stages as the main EWS event. However, the rules are a little bit more relaxed, so more riders can enter the race. If you want to race at Petzen-Jamnica, please register on EWS webpage On the other hand there is also an EWS-E version, where you can race enduro with e-bikes.

Main venue at the bottom of MTB ZONE Bikepark Petzen will also host race for kids, paragliding show, parties & more.

EWS - 100 Map.jpg


Race: Thursday, 16th June, 08:00
Training: Wednesday, 15th June, 13:00

EWS-E is an “electrified” version of EWS race, where riders use e-bikes instead of “analog” bikes.  It will take place on the beautiful locations between Mount Petzen and upper Meža valley. The EWS-E race will embody the core value of the existing EWS race - stages still feature challenging terrain in spectacular locations, but will be held on separate terrain/trails from the traditional EWS races. This bold new format will see riders pushed to the limit on both downhill and specially designed technical climbing stage, so called power stage. This race also has an open category for non professional riders. Visit for registration at Petzen-Jamnica race. 

EWS - E Map.jpg
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