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The Enduro World Series is the highest level in the world of mountain bike enduro. It is, if you like, the world cup of enduro. Eight races in eight countries are on the calendar this year, from Chile, Columbia, France, Italy, Canada, and Spain to Austria/Slovenia. 2,960 riders from 42 nations started the EWS races in 2018. 748 minutes of video highlights were produced and watched a whopping 3.2 million times online. A staggering audience of 300 million people – from Australia to Cyprus – got to see the Enduro World Series on TV.

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Kids are our future. They love to play outdoors and there is probably no better or fun way to explore the outdoors than on a mountain bike. That's why the  Black Hole Bike Festival organizes a KIDS DAY every year. We enjoy seeing the biking community grow in friendship and responsible citizenship. These are the values we want to hand on to our youngest. So, on this day the youngest riders come together and have fun riding their bikes. A mascot introduces the circular track with fun, easy obstacles, which are set in a local park, and kids try their skills to manoeuvre through slalom gates, test their braking abilities, and follow the unicycle mascot. This year our youngest will ride with a Specialized pro team and there will be a prize give-away draw held by Specialized with great prizes. A pump track session and a skill session will take place in Ravne na Koroškem , where there will be two groups available with different levels of skill. Kids day is free of charge and it will be held on Wednesday 27th June.


Hey Kaja, how was the Women’s Bike Day last year? Did the girls have fun?


Hey! I remember last year’s Women's Day as a very inspiring event with around 10 participants, who all laughed and had a beer together at the end of the day. Everybody learned something, gained some confidence and got some new inspiration for mountain biking. 


The news is out that this

year Hannah Barnes is

coming to support and teach

the girls on their special

riding day. What can the

participants expect – when, where?

Yes, this is great news. Girls could gain a lot from riding with a professional rider like Hannah. We expect to gather some local women riders and also some tourists staying in the region. No matter what, enduro or hardtail, we will challenge every rider individually to improve their confidence on the bike and define their possible goals for the future.

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“Respect Nature” is the expression of the fundamental values of the mountain biking world. Our countryside, plants and animals are our global heritage and mark our nature. Only together can we preserve our heritage, including by separating our waste and disposing of it accordingly. The Enduro World Series 2018 in Petzen/Jamnica is one of the first events of this size to deny the use of disposable plastic altogether. We ask your understanding for the deposit on cups. We would also like to ask you to hang on to your rubbish at all stages and only dispose of it in the relevant bins at the event venue.